Shooting Drills

These football shooting drills focus on what is a core skill for any player and we show you some of the best ways to coach it. We look at shooting from dead ball situations, shooting while running, shooting first time, drive shots and how to make the ball bend, curl and dip. We show you some great exercises and games to help you coach shooting to all your players.

  • How to score more goals - To enhance your team's chances of hitting the back of the net, get them to have more shots and be more accurate.

  • How to Coach the Perfect Free-Kick - There is nothing more satisfying than bending the ball from free-kicks over the wall into the back of the net. Get yourself down to the practice field so that at the next training session you can show your free-kick takers how it's done. Watch their faces as you curl it into the top corner!

  • Crossing and Finishing. Play to Your Strengths - When you are preparing for matches make sure you practice crossing and finishing during training so that the crossers of the ball are playing to your strengths not your weaknesses.

  • What To Do With Three Players - Strikers and goalkeepers work well together in threes. Quick shooting keeps your goalkeeper on his toes and tunes your strikers into the best place to put their shots to beat the opposition keeper, says David Clarke.

  • The secret to scoring more goals - The game’s all about scoring goals, so if you encourage your players to take more shots and aim the ball at the areas goalkeepers find trickiest to reach, the chances of success will improve. Here are my secrets to scoring more goals. One of the best ways of getting your team to take more shots – and therefore score more often – is to adjust their ATTITUDE to shot taking…Many young players won’t shoot when in a goalscoring position. Why? There are two reasons:

  • Football drill to show how to score in 1v1s against the keeper - He should have scored! When a player is through on goal with only the keeper to beat, it can be nerve-racking because they are expected to score. However, there are two ways the football coach can do to help a player handle that expectation: 1) Encourage them to be calm. 2) Equip them with the right techniques for the job.

  • 1v1 football drill for shooting skills - Use this drill to improve your attacker's chances of scoring in 1v1s you need to put the theory in the article How to Score in 1 v 1 Against the Keeper to the test.

  • Football coaching tips to get young players shooting more accurately - Getting players to concentrate on accuracy rather than power is one of the first problems any football coach faces. Young players believe scoring involves blasting the ball into the net but often a shot hit with less power, but on target, will get the goal.

  • Football coaching session for strikers to control the ball - Strikers playing with their backs to goal must move around to create space to receive a pass to feet. However, once this pass is made, a striker must ensure he controls the ball and uses his body to shield the ball from defenders.

  • Continuous defending with four goals - Shooting games are great to coach players defensive tactics - especially when the defender must win the ball to create a chance to shoot.

  • Target finishing - The use of target players produces an offensive practice that's designed to encourage shooting.

  • One-touch finish - You can certainly improve your players' attacking mindset in front of goal with this one-touch shooting game. As well as rehearsing quick and direct shooting ability, you'll also find that strikers are more aware of the positions of both themselves and opposition players.

  • Sharp Shooters - Executed at speed, this is a dangerous attacking move that will help your players use a delicate first touch to beat defenders and set up goalscoring opportunities.

  • Midfield Dynamite - If you want your players to create goalscoring chances, try this exciting and fast-moving game and you’ll soon see the benefits.

  • Football striking drill - Sharpen up your players in front of goal with this devastating attacking practice that gives them so many chances to shoot they can’t help but score.

  • The Golden Boot football shooting game - This quick and exciting shooting game makes your players work hard and think fast in order to beat the keeper and win the Golden Boot.

  • Four Pass Strike - With just four passes before a shot has to be made, your players will learn how break from midfield with pace and precision

  • Finishing School -

    An end-to-end game that will help your players to develop a goal poacher’s instincts by limiting strikers to just one touch in the final scoring third of the pitch

  • Beat The Block -

    A fast and exciting game to teach your attacking players to create realistic goal scoring opportunities, even in a box crowded with defenders

  • Flying Fullbacks -

    Develop the shooting and crossing skills of your fullbacks with a session that encourages their attacking instincts

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